Image Santiago Jaramillo
Santiago Jaramillo
Ph.D., National University of Ireland, Maynooth
M.S., University of New Mexico
B.S., Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana

Research Interests

Our lab studies the neural circuits that make auditory cognition possible. Our goal is to understand how we assign meaning to sounds, how we attend to sounds or ignore them, how we remember them, and how disorders of the brain can affect these processes. Of particular interest is understanding behavioral flexibility, a process that allows our responses to sounds to can change depending on context.

Behaving appropriately after changes in context requires that organisms rapidly modify their expectations, associations between cues and rewards, or attentional state. In our experiments, we use techniques such as optogenetics, electrophysiology, and two-photon imaging, to monitor and manipulate neuronal activity of specific cell types in behaving mice, together with theoretical and computational approaches, to uncover the mechanisms that underlie these flexible behaviors.

Prospective Graduate Students: The Jaramillo Lab is accepting new graduate students.

Lab Members

Brigid Deck
Research Staff
Diyar Dizay
Undergraduate Student
Wendy Gillespie
Research Staff
Kaydyn Guelsdorf
Undergraduate Student
Max Horrocks
Research Staff
Santiago Jaramillo
Faculty, research active
Jenny Mohn
Manuel Ospina Mejia
Juan Picón Cossio
Research Staff
Gabriel Toea
Undergraduate Student


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