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James Murray
Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University
B.S., Montana State University

Research Interests

We use the tools of computational neuroscience to study how behaviors are learned and how this learning is implemented in neural circuits.

Learned motor behaviors require the shaping of time-varying patterns of neural activity. Understanding how such learning occurs is challenging because multiple brain areas are involved and because such behaviors may involve multiple timescales, from low-level limb movements to the cognitive level of goal-driven planning. By developing models of the subcortical and cortical neural circuits that control behavior, using data from experimental collaborators to inform and test these models, and drawing on recent advances in deep learning with artificial neural networks, our research aims to advance understanding of how learned motor behaviors are implemented in the brain.

Center for Computational Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence

Prospective Graduate Students: The Murray Lab is accepting new graduate students.

Lab Members

Ben Lemberger
James Murray
Faculty, research active
Matt Nardoci
Graduate Student
Christian Schmid


Santiago Jaramillo
Auditory cognition, behavioral flexibility and predictive processing
Cristopher Niell
Neural circuits for natural vision
Matt Smear
Active Olfaction