Image Charles Kimmel
Chuck Kimmel
B.S., Swarthmore College
Ph. D., Johns Hopkins University

Research Interests

As an emeritus professor, I continue to work on problems of genetic, cellular, and evolutionary variation, especially in animal and organ shape. The current focus is two-fold: I am working with Adam Miller's group, as part of our grant shared with ION colleagues, on a project involving a single cell RNA-seq atlas of zebrafish development and adult tissues, and I am working with Bill Cresko’s group (Institute of Ecology and Evolution) on developmental interaction between neuromasts of the sensory cranial lateral line and a subset of facial bones in sticklebacks.

Prospective Graduate Students: Please contact Chuck Kimmel to determine if the lab is accepting new graduate students.


Judith Eisen
Development of vertebrate nervous system with a focus on interactions between the nervous system, immune system, and host-associated microbiota
Adam Miller
Neural circuit wiring, synapse formation, and electrical synaptogenesis in zebrafish.
John Postlethwait
Developmental genetics and the evolution of developmental mechanisms
Monte Westerfield
Molecular genetics of Usher syndrome and other diseases