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Dasa Zeithamova Demircan
Ph.D. Neuroscience, University of Texas at Austin
M.A. Psychology, Charles University in Prague

Research Interests

Memory is not just a record of the past, it is inherently constructive and prospectively oriented. Memory allows us to combine bits and pieces of information acquired at different times, so we can construct complex representations of the world, such as schemas, concepts or mental models, that guide novel behaviors. My lab's research focuses on the constructive nature of memory in the domains of concept learning and episodic memory integration. We use computer-based experiments, cognitive models of behavior and advanced functional MRI methods to elucidate how hippocampus and other memory systems interact to support the flexible use of experience.

Prospective Graduate Students: The Zeithamova Demircan Lab is not accepting new graduate students at this time.

Lab Members

Ben Chaloupka
Graduate Student
Dasa Zeithamova Demircan
Faculty, research active