Image Sarah DuBrow
Sarah DuBrow
Ph.D. NYU Department of Psychology

Research Interests

Why does our subjective experience of the world feel structured when, in fact, it is continuous? How do our internal and external states influence this structure? Research in the DuBrow lab seeks to understand how we learn the structure of our environments and how we use that structure to organize our memories and guide our decisions. Using neuroimaging methods, we investigate how neural representations can mirror the true structure of the external world, and, at the same time, distort that structure to achieve behavioral goals. By mapping between the brain and behavior, we hope to shed light on fundamental organizing principles in human cognition.

In Memoriam

Sarah Dubrow passed away after a sudden illness in early 2022. Sarah was a wonderful colleague, friend, and mentor, who will be greatly missed. This tribute page shows how deeply she touched all of our lives.