Systems Neuroscience

The Systems Neuroscience faculty share an interest in the mechanisms by which neural circuits produce perception and behavior. The model organisms and techniques they use are highly diverse with individual labs typically integrating multiple approaches.

Name Department Research Interest Accepting grads
Felix Deku Knight Campus Microelectrodes development and clinical translation
Chris Q Doe Biology Generation of neuronal diversity and motor circuits in Drosophila  
Tim Gardner Knight Campus, Physics Sensory motor learning and neural interface development  
Adrianne Huxtable Human Physiology Development of brain and spinal circuits controlling breathing
Santiago Jaramillo Biology Auditory cognition, behavioral flexibility and predictive processing
Shawn Lockery Biology Neurogenetic basis of decision making  
Michelle Marneweck Human Physiology, Knight Campus Neural control and biomechanics of skilled action
Luca Mazzucato Biology, Math, Physics Computational neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence
David McCormick Biology Cortical neural circuits of behavior and attention
James Murray Biology, Math Theoretical and computational neuroscience
Cristopher Niell Biology Neural circuits for natural vision
Michael Posner Psychology Neural networks of attention
Matt Smear Psychology Active Olfaction
Nicki Swann Human Physiology Motor Neuroscience of Health and Disease
Emily Sylwestrak Biology Neural circuits of behavior; reward and addiction
Philip Washbourne Biology Developmental neuroscience with a focus on social behavioral circuits
Michael Wehr Psychology Neural computation in auditory circuits