A biweekly meeting of systems and computational neuroscience laboratories at the University of Oregon. We meet on Tuesdays at 4pm in LISB 217. Click here to subscribe to the email list.

NCB is more than a journal club. It's a place for students, postdocs, and faculty to share their preliminary results and get feedback on papers, conference presentations, or grants being prepared. NCB is also a place to discuss techniques or approaches you think would benefit multiple labs.

Fall 2023: Students should register using CRN 10905 (BI 607 - Sem Neurophysiology).

If interested in presenting your work or moderating a discussion, email James Murray to sign up for a slot.

Upcoming events

Date Speaker Topic Add to calendar
10/03/2023 Presenter: Ben Lemberger (Murray lab) The role of connectivity in vertebrate locomotion Google
10/17/2023 Presenter: Andrew Lesak (Mazzucato lab) TBD Google
10/31/2023 Presenter: Matt Smear Return of (W)ONICe! [The (Washington+) Oregon Neuroethology Innovation Collective] Google
11/28/2023 Presenter: Mae Guthman (Princeton, hosted by E Sylwestrak) TBD Google

Past events

Date Speaker Topic Host
06/13/2023 Santiago Jaramillo Discussion: AI tools for neuro research
06/06/2023 Judit Pungor Functional organization of visual responses in the octopus optic lobe
05/09/2023 Shawn Lockery Behavioral and genetic analysis of psychedelic action in C. elegans
05/02/2023 Elise Savier, PhD “Comparative approach to understanding the routing of visual information in the brain” - ION Special Seminar Rolf Skyberg
04/18/2023 Sam Mehan NRSA proposal presentation
04/04/2023 Emmanuel Adeyefa-Olasupo Retinotopic mechanics: uncovering the fundamental law and the functional architecture that actively mediates the predictive brain Luca Mazzucato
02/14/2023 Molly Shallow Influence of motivation on complex sensory behaviors
01/31/2023 Matt Smear The olfactory bulb maps breathing rhythms at multiple timescales in freely-behaving mice
12/08/2022 Jhoseph Shin The distinct neural dynamics of the hippocampal subregions CA1 and CA3 in processing visual modification of the environment. Niell
11/29/2022 Jenny Mohn Selectivity to features of speech across multiple auditory cortical areas of the mouse
11/08/2022 Kevin Zumwalt SfN poster practice
11/01/2022 Evan Vickers Coordinated switching of spontaneous behavioral motifs and mesoscale cortical functional connectivity networks
10/18/2022 James Murray The role of contextual information in multi-skill learning
09/20/2022 Santiago Jaramillo and James Murray Practice talks for NeuroAI
05/30/2022 Dennis Nestvogel Neural Mechanisms of State-Dependent Sensory-Guided Decision-Making in Health and Disease McCormick
05/17/2022 Serena De Santo Cell-type specific unifying model for three forms of contextual modulation including feedback input from Higher Visual Areas Mazzucato
05/03/2022 Phil Parker Phil Parker - TBA Niell
04/19/2022 Shawn Lockery Microfluidics for microinjections in small model organisms
04/05/2022 Emily Sylwestrak Cell-type-specific encoding of past outcomes and future payoffs
03/29/2022 Isaac Rhim Studying cortical processes of sensory evidence to action value (Project brainstorm presentation)