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Image Portrait of Dr. Pamela Reinagel
Jun 13
Pamela Reinagel
Associate Professor
CSN Fest - Seminar "Visually Guided Decisions of Freely Behaving Rats"

Abstract: Animals must carry out a variety of goal-directed behaviors on a continuous basis in order...

Image Spencer Butte
Jun 12
ION 1st year rotation students
ION Spring Rotation Talks

ION Spring Rotation Talks 
Wednesday, June 12 from 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Host: Shawn Lockery (ION)


Image Willamette-Hall
Jun 6
No Seminar
Please contact Jenna Penny for scheduling (UO or local speakers only)
Image Selfie of Dr. Emily Dennis, at a fieldwork site
May 30
Emily Dennis, PhD
Group Leader
From the lab to the wild: studying how house mice hunt for prey

House mice (Mus musculus) are omnivores and have an innate predatory instinct for small...

Image Logo from UO Undergraduate Research Program showing a colorful partial circle made of blocks of blue, green, yellow, and orange with an astronaut tethered and floating on a black background
May 23
No Seminar
UO Undergraduate Research Symposium

This seminar remains unscheduled for participation in the Undergraduate Research Symposium, held...

Image NCB logo
May 21
Mattias Karlsson (CEO, Spike Gadgets)
Image Portrait of Dr. Paloma Gonzalez Bellido
May 16
Paloma Gonzalez-Bellido, PhD
Associate Professor of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior
Takahashi Neuroethology Lecture: "Fast decisions and predictions by aerial predatory insects"

Abstract:  From object detection to successful prey capture, insect aerial predators gather...

Image Photo of Dr. Summer Thyme
May 9
Summer Thyme
Assistant Professor, Department of Neurobiology
Using Zebrafish to Study Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Discover Treatments

Large-scale genomic studies have uncovered numerous genes linked to schizophrenia and autism...

Image Photo of Dr. David Kastner, smiling directly at the camera in a blue plaid shirt
May 7
David Kastner, MD, PhD
Adjunct Instructor, Psychiatry
Ectopic seminar: "Choice-wide behavioral association study: data-driven identification of interpretable behavioral components"

This seminar was rescheduled to the NCS timeslot at 4pm in LISB 217.  Please join us! 



Image Portrait of Dr. Zachary Wallmark
May 2
Zachary Wallmark, PhD
Associate Professor Musicology, Associate Director of Musicology
Empathic Listening: Music and the Social Mind

How does music processing relate to social cognition? This presentation discusses recent...