Seminar Series Archive

2022 Spring Seminar Schedule



David Kleinfeld Signals and circuits that code and control active sensing Matt Smear
4/21/2022 Martha Bagnall

Balance & movement in the larval zebrafish

Adam Miller
4/28/2022 Roozbeh Kiani Representational geometry of perceptual decisions in the monkey parietal cortex Luca Mazzucato
5/5/2022 Byron Yu

Brain-computer interfaces for basic science

Luca Mazzucato
5/19/2022 Dan Polley Hacking the cholinergic basal forebrain to control cortical plasticity Santiago Jaramillo
6/9/2022 Kate Mills Characterizing human brain development across adolescence

CSN Fest - details on evening talk to follow
Mike Wehr

2022 Winter Seminar Schedule



Talmo Pereira Quantifying behavioral dynamics using deep learning Luca Mazzucato


Cagla Eroglu How do Astrocytes Sculpt Synaptic Circuits? Rachel Lukowicz


Anne Churchland Pyramidal cell types drive functionally distinct cortical activity patterns during decision- making Michael Sidikpramana
2/10/2022 Cristina Savin Task-specific routing of information in neural circuits via structured noise James Murray
2/17/2022 Carmen Sandi Diversity and inclusion in research and academia: Stress effects & strategic measures ION DEI Seminar


Stephanie Palmer How behavioral and evolutionary constraints sculpt early visual processing Judit Pungor & Cris Niell


Kelly Monk

Molecular and genetic mechanisms of neuron-glial interactions

Judith Eisen & Sarah Ackerman
3/10/2022 Tod Thiele

An aquatic perspective on the evolution of vertebrate sensorimotor circuits


Judith Eisen & Shawn Lockery


Caleb Kemere Open Source Tools For Systems Neuroscience Cris Niell

2021 Fall Seminar Schedule

10/21/2021 Stephen David Can deep learning produce a general model of natural sound encoding by auditory cortex? James Murray


Adam Miller Promotion Seminar - "Under construction - building neural circuits and synampses" (with a focus on the enigmatic electrical synapse) UO Biology

Kenneth Harris

A transcriptomic axis predicts state modulation of cortical interneurons Matt Smear
11/18/2021 Irene Salinas Neuroimmune communication in the olfactory-CNS axis of teleost fish Judith Eisen


2021 Spring Seminar Schedule



Bernado Sabatini Circuits of action selection and reinforcement Denver Ncube
4/8/2021 Nicoladie Tam How to speed up the brain, how emotions bias decisions, is ignorance bliss, is love priceless, gender-difference in emotional sensitivity, and decode movement directions by applying computational theories and analyses of cortical optical imaging hemodynamic signals Kelsey Schultz
4/15/2021 Xiaoxuan Jia Tracking information flow in mouse visual areas Luca Mazzucato
4/22/2021 Fanny Cazettes Multiplexed accumulation of evidence in the mouse frontal cortex Luca Mazzucato
4/29/2021 Michael Granato Probing nervous system plasticity using zebrafish Sarah Ackerman & Judith Eisen
5/6/2021  Marla Feller Wiring up direction selective circuits in the retina Adam Miller
5/13/2021 Gerry Downes From swimming to seizures: Investigating locomotor behavior and epilepsy in developing zebrafish Anne Martin
5/20/2021 Kang Shen Synaptic active zone assembly requires scaffold molecule phase separation Sarah Ackerman
5/27/2021 Patrick Kanold Early Shaping of Auditory Cortex Circuits Santiago Jaramillo
6/3/2021 SueYeon Chung

Emergence of separable manifolds in biological and artificial neural networks

Luca Mazzucato
6/10/2021 Marta Zlatic How we learn, predict and decide: the circuit basis of behaviour Emily Heckman

2021 Winter Seminar Schedule

1/14/2021 Matthieu Louis Neural computations directing orientation behavior during larval chemotaxis Matt Smear
1/28/2021 Amy Orsborn Measuring, modeling and shaping neural plasticity in brain-machine interfaces James Murray
2/11/2021 Sheena Josselyn Making memories in mice Dasa Zeithamova
2/25/2021 Maria Geffen The role of cortical adaptation and plasticity in auditory learning and behavior Isabella Salinas

Womxn in Neuroscience
3/3/2021 Kaela Singleton Control of Neuron Formation in Neurodevelopmental & Neurodegernative Disorders

Womxn in Neuroscience hosted seminar
Rachel Lukowicz
3/4/2021 Melissa Warden Neuromodulation and the balance between goal-directed and reactive behavior Emily Sylwestrak
3/11/2021 Richard Mooney From Song to Synapse Santiago Jaramillo

2020 Fall Seminar Schedule

10/22/2020 Eve Marder Mind-Brain Institute of Neurosicence Lecture:  "Differential Resilience to Pertubations of Circuits with Similar Performance David McCormick
10/29/2020 Cody Smith Glial and Neuronal Interactions that Build the Nervous System Judith Eisen
11/5/2020 Georg Keller Cortical circuits for predictive processing David McCormick
11/12/2020 Phyllis Robinson Best Practices in Cultivating Success for Underrepresented Populations Pursuing Degrees in Stem in Higher Education Judith Eisen

11/19/2020  David McLean Decoding neural circuits for movement control by studying zebrafish James Murray
12/3/2020 Vanessa Ruta Theme and Variations: Circuit Mechanisms of Behavioral Evolution Emily Heckman

Womxn in Neuroscience

2020 Spring Seminar Schedule

4/23/20 Mario Dipoppa Remote Seminar - "A recurrent model incorporating different cell types explains contextual modulation in primary visual cortex" Luca Mazzucato
4/30/20 Andreas Schaefer Remote Seminar - "From Synchrotrons to Microwires – a broad approach to sensory processing" Matt Smear
5/7/20 Larry Abbott Remote Seminar - "Multi-layer network learning in an electric fish" Luca Mazzucato
5/14/20 Cindy Poo Remote Seminar - "Cortical circuits for olfactory navigation" Matt Smear
5/21/20 Stephanie Palmer POSTPONED - "How behavioral and evolutionary constraints sculpt early visual processing"

Judit Pungor & Cris Niell

5/28/20 Stephanie Jones Remote Seminar - Human Neocortical Neurosolver:  A New Neural Modeling Tool to Link Mechanism to Meaning of EEG/MEG Signals Nicki Swann
6/4/20 Nenad Sestan Remote Seminar - "Developmental and Evolutionary Origins of Human Brain Uniqueness"

David McCormick

2020 Winter Seminar Schedule

1/9/20 Loren Frank Virtual Seminar - "Understanding the brain's model of the external world" David McCormick
1/13/20 Wenhao Zhang Computational Neuroscience Candidate Seminar - "Linking the Theories of Computation with Neural Circuits in the Brain" Biology Dept.
1/16/20 James Murray Computational Neuroscience Candidate Seminar - "Rememberance of things practiced: Fast and slow learning in cortical and subcortical circuits" Biology Dept.
1/21/20 Gabriel Ocker Computational Neuroscience Candidate Seminar - "Physiological constraints and synaptic plasticity in neural circuits" Biology Dept. 
1/23/20 Alain Destexhe "Non-linear propagating waves in the awake brain and their possible role"

Yashar Ahmadian

1/30/20 Julia Horsfield "Zebrafish models for chromatin architecture in gene transcription and developmental syndromes" John Postlethwait
2/3/20 Agostina Palmigiano Artificial Intelligence and the Brain Program - "Structure of inhibition in the mouse visual cortex"

Luca Mazzucato

2/20/20 Luca Mazzucato Mid-Term Review Seminar:  "A hierachy of timescales in neural circuits and behavior"

Biology Dept. 

2/27/20 Diego Bohórquez  "A gut choice" Judith Eisen
3/12/20 Matthieu Louis POSTPONED - "Sensorimotor compulations underlying orientation behavior during laraval chemotaxis" Reese Findley

2019 Fall Seminar Schedule

10/3/19 Stantiago Jaramillo Promotion & Tenure Seminar: "Neural pathways for auditory cognition" Biology Dept.
10/4/19 Carsen Stringer Ectopic Seminar - "High Precision Coding in the Visual Cortex" David McCormick
10/8/19 Vijay Balasubramanian Ectopic Seminar - "Becoming what you smell: adaptive sensing in the olfactory system" Luca Mazzucato
10/10/19 Colin Johnson "Elucidating the role of otoferlin at the ribbon synapse" Adam Miller
10/17/19 Gwyneth Card "Towards a brain architecture for visual behavior selection"

Chris Doe

10/24/19 Corey Harwell "Epigenetic regulation of forebrain neuron diversity and circuit assembly" Rachel Lukowicz
10/31/19 Andre Berndt "Engineering tools for optical monitoring and control of neuronal activity"

Phil Washbourne

11/7/19 Lisa Stowers "Leveraging olfaction to study social behavior in the mouse"

Matt Smear

11/14/19 Eric Shea-Brown "What makes high-demensional networks produce low-dimensional activity?" Luca Mazzucato
11/21/19 Scott Linderman "Models and Algorithms for Understanding Neural and Behavioral Data" David Wyrick
11/28/19   No seminar - Thanksgiving Holiday  
12/3/19 Ann Kennedy Computational Neuroscience Candidate Seminar - "Computational insights into neural representaitons and behavior" Biology Dept
12/5/19 Kevin Wright "Making and breaking the retina, one neuronal sybtype at a time" Adam Miller
12/9/19 Audrey Sederberg Computational Neuroscience Candidate Seminar - "Complex function without complex structure: contratining neural models in the era of big data" Biology Dept.
12/12/19 Hannah Choi Computational Neuroscience Candidate Seminar - "Hierachical structure and computation of brain networks" Biology Dept

2019 Spring Seminar Schedule

4/4/19 Stefano Fusi "The geometry of abstraction in hippocampus and prefrontal cortex" Luca Mazzucato
4/11/19 Tim Mosca "The Markings of Maturity: How Receptors and Proteolysis Regulate Synaptic Maturation"  Emily Heckman
4/18/19 Florin Albeanu "Olfaction: from sensation to action and back" Matt Smear
4/25/19 Peyman Golshani "New Tools to Record Network Dynamics in Models of Disease" David McCormick
5/2/19 Elaine Hsiao "Host-microbiome Interactions through the interstinal serotonergic system"

Judith Eisen & Karen Guillemin

5/9/19 Megan Williams "Wiring the brain: how selective cell adhesion drives synapse specificity" Adam Miller
5/16/19 Andrea Hasenstaub "Flexible sound processing and cortical inhibition"

David McCormick

5/23/19 Ellie Heckscher "Time, stem cells and locomotion"

Chris Doe

5/30/19 Christof Koch "Cell Types in the Mouse and the Human Brain" David McCormick
6/6/19 Jen Li & Drew Robson "A nonlinear oscilator coordinates brain-wide motivational state during foraging" Sarah Stednitz & Mike Wehr

2019 Winter Seminar Schedule

1/10/19 Bill Griesar & Jeff Leake "NW Noggin: Action and Potential in Outreach, Education, and Research" Rachel Lukowicz & Adam Miller
1/17/19 Megan Carey "Understanding the complex behaviors of the 'simple' cerebeller circuit" Matt Smear
1/24/19 Biyu He, New York University  "Large-scale brain dynamics underlying visual perceptual awareness" David McCormick
1/31/19   No seminar  
2/7/19 Merav Stern "Dynamical signatures of learning through the cortex"

Luca Mazzucato

2/14/19 Jim Strother "Elucidation of neural circuit structures through imaging, optogenetics, and behavior" Adam Miller
2/21/19   No seminar - Graduate recruitment


2/28/19 Manfred Schartl "Evolution of sex determination and sex chromosomes"

John Postlethwait

3/7/19 Cliff Kentros "Investigating the Neural Circuitry of Memory via Enhancer-Driven Gene Expression (EDGE)" Adam Unger
3/14/19 Nick Steinmetz "Distributed correlates of visually-guided behavior across the mouse brain" Luca Mazzucato
3/21/19 Massimo Scanziani "Motion Sensing in Vicual Cortex Through Two Parallel Pathways"  David McCormick

2018 Fall Seminar Schedule

9/27/18 Ellen Hoffman "Investigating Convergent Pathways in Zebrafish Models of Autism Risk Genes" Sarah Stednitz
10/4/18 Ian Greenhouse "Widening the spotlight on motor system inhibition in humans" Adam Miller & David McCormick
10/8/18 Ulises Pereira "Atractor dynamics in networks with learning rules inferred from in vivo data" Luca Mazzucato
10/11/18 Jeff Donlea "Recurrent Circuitry for Balancing Sleep Need and Sleep in Drosphila" Syed Mubarak
10/18/18 Marlene Behrmann "A broader vision of vision"

Angie Michaiel

10/25/18 Cecilia Moens "What Happens in Vagus: Spatio-temporal mechanisms of topographic map formation" Chuck Kimmel
11/1/18 Leopoldo Petreanu "Shining light on hierarchical cortical interactions in the mouse visual cortex"

Matt Smear

11/8/18 Brice Bathellier "Comptetition between a fast and slow pathway in auditory discrimination"

Santiago Jaramillo

11/15/18 Caitlin Tenison "Phases of learning: How skill acquisition impacts cognitive processing" Cris Niell & Mike Posner
11/29/18 Adam Miller "Molecular mechanisms of electrical synapse formation" David McCormick
12/6/18 Nicola Grissom "Let me try that again: learning and decision making in mouse models of autism" Jen Phillips

2018 Spring Seminar Schedule

4/12/18 Ken Miller "Models of visual cortical development and circuitry" Yashar Ahmadian
4/19/18 Barry Dickson "The neurobiology of Drosphila reproductive behavior" Chris Doe
4/26/18 Bob Datta "Using motion sequencing to infe rinternal from external state" Matt Smear
5/3/18 Bita Moghaddam "Translation of anxiety into actions by prefrontal cortex neurons" Cris Niell
5/10/18 Alex Kolodkin "Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Neural Connectivity"

Aref Zarin

5/11/18 Nao Uchida "Multiple dopamine systems: weal and woe of dopamine" Santiago Jaramillo
5/17/18 Elinor Sullivan "Maternal Metabolic and Dietary Environmental Influences on Offspring Behavior"

Cris Niell

5/24/18 Brent Doiron "New Cortex. Who dis(inhibition)?"

Yashar Ahmadian

5/31/18 Adam Hantman "Neural circuits of dexterity" Matt Smear
6/7/18 Barry Connors "Neural Circuits Mediating the Thalamocortical Dialogue" Adam Miller
6/14/18 Jennifer Raymond "Neural Learning Rules in the Cerebellum" Angie Michaiel

2018 Winter Seminar Schedule

1/11/18 Moriel Zelidowsky "Neuropeptidergic control of stress-induced effects on fear and social behavior" Biology Dept. 
1/18/18 Ioana Carcea "Cortical modulation by behavioral and social context" Biology Dept. 
1/22/18 Athena Akrami "Parametric Working Memory and its multiple timescales - a rodent mode" Biology Dept. 
2/1/18 Qili Liu "Neural Plasticity and Motivational Drive: How Hunger and Sleepiness Persist in Time"

Biology Dept.

2/8/18 Emily Sylwestrak "From RNA to reward: dissecting habenular circuit activity during motivated behavior" Biology Dept. 
2/12/18 Jim Heys "Neural representations of time and space underlying episodic memory"

Biology Dept. 

2/15/18 Gul Dolen "Social reward learning: basic mechanisms and disease pathogenesis"

Biology Dept. 

2/19/18 Bassam Atallah  "Midbrain dopamine neurons control judgment of time: time flies when you are having fun" Biology Dept. 
3/15/18 Bingni Brunton "The brain outside the lab: Exploring the neural basis of long-term, naturalistic human behaviors" Matt Smear

2017 Fall Seminar Schedule

9/28/17 Martin Usrey "Dissecting the dynamics of signal transmission in thalamocortical circuits" Angie Michaiel
10/5/17 Hari Shroff "High speed imaging at and beyond the diffraction limit" Tristan Ursell
10/12/17 Santiago Jaramillo "Neural pathways for auditory cognition" Biology Dept. 
10/19/17 Andreas Tolias "The Fabric of the Neocortex: From Canonical Structure to Computations" Cris Niell
10/26/17 Anatol Kreitzer "Fast-Spikeing Interneurons Regulate Ensemble Calcium and Striatum-Dependent Learning"

Phil Parker

11/2/17 Adrianne Huxtable "Pasticity in the neural contraol of breathing and the effects of inflamation" Cris Niell
11/9/17 Yashar Ahmadia "Understanding and inferring circuit mechanisms in sensory cortex"

Biology Dept. 

11/16/17 Julia Kaltschmidt "Mechanisms of interneuronal circuit formation"

Chris Doe

11/30/17 David Gire "Neural circuits for processing natural odor scenes" Matt Smear

2017 Spring Seminar Schedule

4/6/17 Javier Gonzalez-Maeso "Structure, function and regulation of G protein-coupled receptors, their interacting proteins, and psychiatric disease associations" Angie Michaiel
4/13/17 Wesley B. Grueber "Constructing and deconstructing somatosensory circuits" Aref Zarin
4/20/17 Liqun Luo "Genetic dissection of neural circuit assembly and organization" Philip Parker
4/27/17 Clifton Ragsdale "Octopus brain and development" Judit Pungor
5/4/17 Karel Svoboda "Neural computation in cortical circuits"

Matt Smear

5/11/17 Dennis Liu Distinguished Alumni Speaker Bruce Bowerman
5/18/17 Dmitry Rinberg "Concentration invariant odor identity coding"

Matt Smear

5/25/17 Don Van Meyel "New insights into astrocyte development, function and glutamate transport"

Chris Doe

6/1/17 Lori Holt "Listening in on auditory learning" Mike Wehr
6/8/17 Mike Orger "Imaging neural activity during sensorimotor behaviros in zebrafish" Matt Smear

2016 Fall Seminar Schedule

9/29/16 Cris Niell TBA Shelley Elliott
10/6/16 Sean Escola TBA Yashar Ahmadian
10/13/16 Gabe Murphy TBA Matt Smear
10/17/16 Bassem Hassan TBA Aref Arzan Zarin
11/3/16 Corey Harwell TBA Phil Parker
11/10/16 Juile Haas TBA

Adam Miller

11/17/16 Sarah Blakemore TBA

Phil Washbourne

12/1/16 Katie Bittner TBA Matt Smear
12/8/16 David McCormick TBA Cris Niell

2016 Spring Seminar Schedule

3/31/16 John Tuthill Research Interest: The goal of the lab is to understand the fundamental computations that underlie the neural coding of sensory information, and to figure out how sensory signals are used to guide movement and behavior. Matt Smear
4/7/16 Janis Weeks "Using microfluidics and electrophysiology to combat ancient parasitic diseases" Bill Roberts
4/14/16 Xaq Pitkow Research Interest: Computational Neuroscience Yashar Ahmadian
4/21/16 Lucy Shapiro Streisinger Lecture

Bruce Bowerman

4/28/16 Danny Reinberg  Developmental Training Grant Symposium:  "Epigenetics: One Genome, Multiple Phenotypes" Gabriel Yette 
5/5/16 TBA Developmental Training Grant Symposium 


5/10-11/16 Hugo Bellen Research Interest: Unidagnosed Disease

Monte Westerfield

5/12/16 Mike Shapiro Developmental Training Grant Symposium Allison Fuiten
5/19/16 Bob Goldsteain Developmental Training Grant Symposium: "Water bears: probling how animal body plans eveolve and how life can survive extremes" Kimberly Jones
5/26/16 Mike Levine Developmental Training Grant Symosium Johanna Tomorsky
6/2/16 TBA CSN-fest Shawn Lockery

2016 Winter Seminar Schedule

2/11/16 Claude Desplan New York Univ. Evolution of color and motion vision Luis Sullivan, Doe Lab
3/10/16 Richard Mann "Linking development and function in the Drosophila adult motor system" Cris Doe