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Westerfield Lab Contact Info

P: 541-346-4596
F: 541-346-4548
Contact Person: Judy Peirce
Email: judyp@uoneuro.uoregon.edu

Lab Members:

Sara Buchner, Student
Judy Peirce, Research Assistant
Jennifer Phillips, Research Associate 


Jeremy Wegner, Research Assistant
Monte Westerfield, Professor (view curriculum vitae)
Westerfield Lab Alumni

ZFIN Database: 

Leyla Bayraktaroglu, Scientific Curator
Yvonne Bradford, Scientific Curator
David Fashena, Scientific Curator 
Ken Frazer, Scientific Curator 
Doug Howe, Curation Manager 
Jonathan Knight, Administrative Assistant
Ryan Martin, System Administrator

Holly Paddock, Literature Analyst
Christian Pich, Software Engineer 
Sridhar Ramachandran, Scientific Curator 
Amy Singer, Scientific Curator
Ryan Taylor, Software Engineer 
Ceri Van Slyke, Scientific Curator

Zebrafish International Resource Center:

Justin Bauer, Fish Facility Staff 
Renee Clark, Fish Facility Staff 
April Freeman, Administrative Staff 
Ron Holland, Database Administrator
Jen-Jen Hwang-Shum, Research Associate
Michael Kent, Professor
Evyn Loucks, Fish Facility Staff 
David Lains , Fish Facility Staff

Jen Matthews, Fish Facility Staff 
Katy Murray, Veterinarian
Andrzej Nasiadka, Research Associate 
Erin Quinn, Administrative Assistant 
Calvin Smith, Fish Facility Staff 
Evan Williams, Fish Facility Staff 
Zoltan Varga, Director

Research Interests:

Our laboratory studies the molecular genetic basis of human diseases, particularly Usher syndrome, the leading cause of combined deafness and blindness, as well as other diseases of the eye and ear.

We use zebrafish and a combination of anatomical, physiological, molecular, and genetic techniques.  The goal of our research is to provide a better understanding of the mechanisms that regulate the establishment of specific neuronal cell fates during normal development and what goes wrong during disease. 

Current research focuses on models of human disease. In particular, we are making and studying models of Usher syndrome, the leading cause of deafblindness.

Our research is funded by the National Eye Institute, the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communicative Disorders, the National Institute of Child Health and Development, and the Office of the Director of the National Institutes of Health. We also thank the Megan FoundationVision for a CureThe Usher 1F Collaborative, and The Gary Shapiro Memorial Fund for generous donations to the Usher Syndrome Research Fund that supports our work.

Contribute to the Usher Syndrome Research Fund.

Lab Haikus from annual Institute retreats:

Mutant hunt is fun
Tangoing through the gene pool
Don't drink the water



Free the zebrafish!
Take them to Amazon Creek
We need more field trips


Selected Publications:


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The Coalition for Usher Syndrome Research
Usher syndrome registry 
The Usher 1F Collaborative
Hear See Hope - Usher syndrome: Hope for a cure 
The Foundation Fighting Blindness
Association for Research in Vision and Opthalmology 
ZFIN (the zebrafish information network) - the zebrafish model organism database.
The Zebrafish International Resource Center