ION Seminar Series

For the 2020-2021 academic year, ION seminars are held remotely at either 12 PM or 4 PM PT on Thursdays unless otherwise specified.  Seminars are hosted on Zoom and are open to the UO community and occasionally on World Wide Neuro.  Links to the weekly seminar will be advertised through the ION mailing list and those not on the list can request access by contacting Jenna Penny at seminars @ For more information and support for using the Zoom platform visit UOregon Zoom.


Upcoming Institute of Neuroscience Seminar

Vanessa Ruta, PhD

Gabrielle H. Reem and Herbert J. Kayden Associate Professor
Laboratory of Neurophysiology and Behavior
The Rockerfeller University

"Theme and Variations: Circuit Mechanisms of Behavior Evolution"

Host: Emily Heckman

Thursday, December 3rd, 2020 - 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET

Womxn in Neuroscience will be hosting a Career Discussion following the seminar at 2pm PST, see flyer for more information

Zoom access provided via ION mailing list

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Fall 2020

Noon PT
Eve Marder Mind-Brain Institute of Neurosicence Lecture:  "Differential Resilience to Pertubations of Circuits with Similar Performance David McCormick
Noon PT
Cody Smith Glial and Neuronal Interactions that Build the Nervous System Judith Eisen
Noon PT
Georg Keller Cortical circuits for predictive processing David McCormick
Noon PT
Phyllis Robinson Best Practices in Cultivating Success for Underrepresented Populations Pursuing Degrees in Stem in Higher Education Judith Eisen
Noon PT
David McLean Decoding neural circuits for movement control by studying zebrafish James Murray
11/26/2020   No Seminar - Thanksgiving Holiday  
Noon PT
Vanessa Ruta Theme and Variations: Circuit Mechanisms of Behavioral Evolution Emily Heckman
Womxn in Neuroscience
12/10/2020   No Seminar - Finals Week  

Winter 2021

1/14/2021 Matthieu Louis TBA Matt Smear
1/21/2021 Sonja Hofer TBA David McCormick
1/28/2021 Amy Orsborn TBA James Murray
2/4/2021   No Seminar - Graduate Recruitment  
2/11/2021 Sheena Josselyn TBA Dasa Zeithamova
2/18/2021  Caleb Kemere TBA Cris Niell
2/25/2021 Maria Geffen TBA Isabella Salinas
Womxn in Neuroscience
3/4/2021 Melissa Warden TBA Emily Sylwestrak
3/11/2021 Richard Mooney TBA Santiago Jaramillo
3/18/2021   No Seminar - Finals Week  

Spring 2021

4/1/21 Bernado Sabatini TBA Denver Ncube
4/8/2021 Nicoladie Tam TBA Kelsey Schultz
4/29/2021 Kelly Monk TBA Sarah Ackerman & Judith Eisen
5/6/2021  Marla Feller TBA Adam Miller
5/13/2021 Gerry Downes TBA Anne Martin
5/20/2021  Kang Shen TBA Sarah Ackerman
5/27/2021 Patrick Kanold TBA Santiago Jaramillo
6/10/2021 Marta Zlatic CSN Fest - Finals Week Emily Heckman