ION Seminar Series

ION seminars are held in Room 110 Willamette at 4:00 p.m. on Thursdays unless otherwise specified. A reception precedes the seminar at 3:40 pm near the base of the stairs on the north side open to all seminar attendees.

Contact Jenna Penny for scheduling speakers at seminars @ 


Winter 2020



Loren Frank Virtual Seminar hosted in Willamette 110 - "Understanding the brain's model of the external world" David McCormick
Monday Noon 
Wenhao Zhang Computational Neuroscience Candidate Seminar - "Linking the Theories of Computation with Neural Circuits in the Brain"  
1/16/20  James Murray Computational Neuroscience Candidate Seminar - "Rememberance of things practiced: Fast and slow learning in cortical and subcortical circuits"   
Gabriel Ocker Computational Neuroscience Candidate Seminar - "Physiological constraints and synaptic plasticity in neural circuits"
EMU Crater Lake Room South, 12pm


Alain Destexhe Non-linear propagating waves in the awake brain and their possible role Yashar Ahmadian
1/30/20  Julia Horsfield Zebrafish models for chromatin architecture in gene transcription and developmental syndromes John Postlethwait

Monday, 4pm

Agostina Palmigiano Artificial Intelligence and the Brain Program: "Structure of inhibition in the mouse visual cortex", 417 LISB Luca Mazzucato
2/6/20 No seminar Graduate Recruitment  
2/13/20    TBA - Stephanie Palmer is rescheduled to May 21  
2/20/20  Luca Mazzucato A hierarchy of timescales in neural circuits and behavior  


Diego Bohorquez A gut choice Judith Eisen
3/5/20    TBA  
3/12/20  Matthieu Louis Sensorimotor computations underlying orientation behavior during larval chemotaxis Reese Findley


Spring 2020



Andreas Schaefer Virtual Seminar hosted in Willamette 110 - Title TBA Matt Smear
4/9/20  Tristan Ursell Developmental Biology Training Program Seminar  
4/16/20  Kelly Monk TBA Judith Eisen & Sarah Akerman
4/23/20  Ann Cowan Developmental Biology Training Program Seminar  
4/30/20   Adrianne Fairhall Developmental Biology Training Program Seminar  
5/7/20  Larry Abbott TBA Luca Mazzucato
5/14/20  Zach Mainen TBA Matt Smear
5/21/20  Stephanie Palmer "How behavioral and evolutionary constraints sculpt early visual processing"
Jointly hosted with Physics Colloquim
Held in Willamette 100 with 3:40 pm reception in Atrium
Cris Niell & Judit Pungor
5/28/20    Stephanie Jones TBA Nicki Swann
6/4/20  Nenad Sestan TBA David McCormick


Past Seminars

Fall 2019



Santiago Jaramillo Neural pathways for auditory cognition Promotion & Tenure Seminar
Carsen Stringer High Precision Coding in the Visual Cortex David McCormick
10/8/19 Tuesday Vijay Balasubramanian Becoming what you smell: adaptive sensing in the olfactory system Luca Mazzucato
10/10/19 Colin Johnson Elucidating the role of otoferlin at the ribbon synapse Adam Miller
10/17/19 Gwyneth Card Towards a brain architecture for visual behavior selection Chris Doe
10/24/19 Corey Harwell Epigenetic regulation of forebrain neuron diversity and circuit assembly Rachel Lukowicz
10/31/19 Andre Berndt Engineering tools for optical monitoring and control of neuronal activity Phil Washbourne
11/7/19 Lisa Stowers Leveraging olfaction to study social behavior in the mouse Matt Smear
11/14/19 Eric Shea-Brown What makes high-dimensional networks produce low-dimensional activity? Luca Mazzucato
11/21/19 Scott Linderman Models and Algorithms for Understanding Neural and Behavioral Data David Wyrick
11/28/19 Thanksgiving Holiday No Seminar - UO Campus closed  
12/3/19 Ann Kennedy Computational Neuroscience Candidate Seminar:  "Computational insights into neural representations and behavior"  
12/5/19 Kevin Wright Making and breaking the retina, one neuronal subtype at a time Adam Miller
12/9/19 Audrey Sederberg Computational Neuroscience Candidate Seminar: "Complex function wtihout complex structure: constraining neural models in the era of big data"  
12/12/19 Hannah Choi Computational Neuroscience Candidate Seminar: "Hierarchical structure and computation of brain networks"  


Spring 2019

4/4/19 Stefano Fusi The geometry of abstraction in hippocampus and prefrontal cortex Luca Mazzucato
4/11/19 Tim Mosca The Makings of Maturity: How Receptors and Proteolysis Regulate Synaptic Maturation Emily Heckman
4/18/19 Florin Albeanu Olfaction: from sensation to action and back Matt Smear
4/25/19 Peyman Golshani New Tools to Record Network Dynamics in Models of Disease David McCormick
5/2/19 Elaine Hsiao Host-microbiome interactions through the intestinal serotonergic system Judith Eisen & Karen Guillemin
5/9/19 Megan Williams Wiring the brain: how selective cell adhesion drives synapse specificity Adam Miller
5/16/19 Andrea Hasenstaub Flexible sound processing and cortical inhibition David McCormick
5/23/19 Ellie Heckscher

Time, stem cells and locomotion

Chris Doe
5/30/19 Christof Koch Cell Types in the Mouse and the Human Brain

David McCormick

6/6/19 Jen Li & Drew Robson A nonlinear oscilator coordinates brain-wide motivational state during foraging Sarah Stednitz & Mike Wehr