ION Seminar Series

For Spring 2020 ION seminars are held in virtually at 4:00 p.m. on Thursdays unless otherwise specified.  Seminars are hosted on Zoom and are open to the UO community.  Links to the weekly seminar will be advertized through the ION mailing list and linked on the day of the seminar below.  Contact Jenna Penny for scheduling speakers at seminars @ 

Upcoming Institute of Neuroscience Seminar | Thursday, April 30th, 2020 – 12 pm PST

Andreas Schaefer, PhD

Group Leader - Division of Neurophysiology, Francis Crick Institute, London, UK
Faculty - Department of Neuroscience Physiology and Pharmacology, University College London

“From Synchrotrons to Microwires – a broad approach to sensory processing”

Host: Matt Smear
Link & meeting information available here no later than Thursday morning.
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Abstract: In this talk I will present our approach to dissecting information processing in the mammalian brain. It will be broadly structured in three parts – olfaction, large-scale neuronal recordings, volume EM and synchrotrons.
Odours are transported in turbulent plumes resulting locally in highly fluctuating odour concentration. Yet, whether mammals can make use of the ensuing temporal structure to extract information about the olfactory environment remains unknown. Here, I will show that using a variety of engineering approaches including an automated operant conditioning system we demonstrate that mice can reliably discriminate the correlation structure of odours at frequencies of up to 40 Hz.  Consistent with this finding, output neurons in the olfactory bulb show segregated responses depending on the correlation of odour stimuli with populations of 10s of neurons sufficient to reach behavioural performance. This work thus demonstrates that mammals can perceive temporal structure in odour stimuli at surprisingly fast timescales. This in turn might be useful for key behavioural challenges such as odour source separation, figure-ground separation or odour localisation.
I will then briefly introduce technology that we have developed that combines bundles of microwires with CMOS recording chips to allow for scalable, minimally invasive recordings from large numbers of neurons deep in the brain in vivo from sheets of neurons such as the output layer of the olfactory bulb. Finally, to dissect the mechanistic basis of information processing in the olfactory bulb I will present our approaches combining volume electron microscopy and synchrotron CT imaging with functional 2p imaging in vivo to link function to structure over mm length scales. - Andreas Schaefer



4/9/20    TBD  
4/16/20  Kelly Monk Postponed, rescheduled to 2020-21 Judith Eisen & Sarah Akerman
4/23/20    TBD  
4/30/20   Andreas Schaefer Noon PST From Synchrotrons to Microwires – a broad approach to sensory processing Matt Smear
5/7/20  Larry Abbott Virtual Seminar - Title TBA Luca Mazzucato
5/14/20  Zach Mainen Virtual Seminar - Title TBA Matt Smear
5/21/20  Stephanie Palmer Virtual Seminar - "How behavioral and evolutionary constraints sculpt early visual processing"
Jointly hosted with Physics Colloquim
Cris Niell & Judit Pungor
5/28/20    Stephanie Jones Virtual Seminar - Title TBA Nicki Swann
6/4/20  Nenad Sestan Virtual Seminar - Title TBA David McCormick

Spring 2020 Developmental Biology Training Program Symposium
Cancelled as of 3/12/2020, no set dates for 2020-21

Tristan Ursell Cancelled: Developmental Biology Training Program Seminar,
Abiotic factors influencing microbial population dynamics"
Ann Cowan Cancelled:  Developmental Biology Training Program Seminar
Adrianne Fairhall Cancelled:  Developmental Biology Training Program Seminar
Amy Keating Canceled:  Developmental Biology Training Program Seminar


Past Seminars

Winter 2020



Loren Frank Virtual Seminar hosted in Willamette 110 - "Understanding the brain's model of the external world" David McCormick
Monday Noon 
Wenhao Zhang Computational Neuroscience Candidate Seminar - "Linking the Theories of Computation with Neural Circuits in the Brain"  
1/16/20  James Murray Computational Neuroscience Candidate Seminar - "Rememberance of things practiced: Fast and slow learning in cortical and subcortical circuits"   
Gabriel Ocker Computational Neuroscience Candidate Seminar - "Physiological constraints and synaptic plasticity in neural circuits"
EMU Crater Lake Room South, 12pm


Alain Destexhe Non-linear propagating waves in the awake brain and their possible role Yashar Ahmadian
1/30/20  Julia Horsfield Zebrafish models for chromatin architecture in gene transcription and developmental syndromes John Postlethwait

Monday, 4pm

Agostina Palmigiano Artificial Intelligence and the Brain Program: "Structure of inhibition in the mouse visual cortex", 417 LISB Luca Mazzucato
2/20/20  Luca Mazzucato A hierarchy of timescales in neural circuits and behavior  


Diego Bohorquez A gut choice Judith Eisen
3/12/20  Matthieu Louis POSTPONED - Sensorimotor computations underlying orientation behavior during larval chemotaxis Reese Findley

Fall 2019



Santiago Jaramillo Neural pathways for auditory cognition Promotion & Tenure Seminar
Carsen Stringer High Precision Coding in the Visual Cortex David McCormick
10/8/19 Tuesday Vijay Balasubramanian Becoming what you smell: adaptive sensing in the olfactory system Luca Mazzucato
10/10/19 Colin Johnson Elucidating the role of otoferlin at the ribbon synapse Adam Miller
10/17/19 Gwyneth Card Towards a brain architecture for visual behavior selection Chris Doe
10/24/19 Corey Harwell Epigenetic regulation of forebrain neuron diversity and circuit assembly Rachel Lukowicz
10/31/19 Andre Berndt Engineering tools for optical monitoring and control of neuronal activity Phil Washbourne
11/7/19 Lisa Stowers Leveraging olfaction to study social behavior in the mouse Matt Smear
11/14/19 Eric Shea-Brown What makes high-dimensional networks produce low-dimensional activity? Luca Mazzucato
11/21/19 Scott Linderman Models and Algorithms for Understanding Neural and Behavioral Data David Wyrick
11/28/19 Thanksgiving Holiday No Seminar - UO Campus closed  
12/3/19 Ann Kennedy Computational Neuroscience Candidate Seminar:  "Computational insights into neural representations and behavior"  
12/5/19 Kevin Wright Making and breaking the retina, one neuronal subtype at a time Adam Miller
12/9/19 Audrey Sederberg Computational Neuroscience Candidate Seminar: "Complex function wtihout complex structure: constraining neural models in the era of big data"  
12/12/19 Hannah Choi Computational Neuroscience Candidate Seminar: "Hierarchical structure and computation of brain networks"  


Spring 2019

4/4/19 Stefano Fusi The geometry of abstraction in hippocampus and prefrontal cortex Luca Mazzucato
4/11/19 Tim Mosca The Makings of Maturity: How Receptors and Proteolysis Regulate Synaptic Maturation Emily Heckman
4/18/19 Florin Albeanu Olfaction: from sensation to action and back Matt Smear
4/25/19 Peyman Golshani New Tools to Record Network Dynamics in Models of Disease David McCormick
5/2/19 Elaine Hsiao Host-microbiome interactions through the intestinal serotonergic system Judith Eisen & Karen Guillemin
5/9/19 Megan Williams Wiring the brain: how selective cell adhesion drives synapse specificity Adam Miller
5/16/19 Andrea Hasenstaub Flexible sound processing and cortical inhibition David McCormick
5/23/19 Ellie Heckscher

Time, stem cells and locomotion

Chris Doe
5/30/19 Christof Koch Cell Types in the Mouse and the Human Brain

David McCormick

6/6/19 Jen Li & Drew Robson A nonlinear oscilator coordinates brain-wide motivational state during foraging Sarah Stednitz & Mike Wehr