ION Neurobiology Journal Club

ION journal club meetings are held on Mondays at 12pm in Room 317 Huestis Hall unless otherwise specified.

To be added to the list-serve, contact: Mindy Kirk.


  • Instructor's consent is required for papers older than 24 months.

Tips for effective presentations:

  • You don't need to discuss every panel in every figure.
  • Doing so can make your presentation hard to follow.
  • Ensure all fonts in your slides can be seen at the back of the room.
  • If necessary, show single panels, not whole figures.


Week 2 Stacy Levichev-Connolly
Week 3 Reese M. Findley
Week 5 Jonny Saunders
Week 6 Tai Heinzerling
Week 6 Anna Lakunina
Week 7 Nick Sattler
Week 8 Conor O'Sullivan
Week 9 Memorial Day
Week 10 Nick Ponvert