ION Seminar Series

ION seminars are held in Room 110 Willamette Hall at 4:00 p.m. on Thursdays unless otherwise specified. A reception follows; location announced at the seminar.

Contact Vickie Braga for scheduling speakers.

View previous seminar speakers.  


1/11/18 Moriel Zelidowsky Neuropeptidergic control of stress-induced effects on fear and social behavior Biology Dept
1/18/18 Ioana Carcea Cortical modulation by behavioral and social context Biology Dept
1/22/18 Athena Akrami Parametric Working Memory and its multiple timescales - a rodent mode Biology Dept
1/25/18 TBA TBA TBA
2/1/18 Qili Liu Neural Plasticity and Motivational Drive: How Hunger and Sleepiness Persist in time Biology Dept
2/8/18 Emily Sylwestrak From RNA to reward: dissecting habenular circuit activity during motivated behavior Biology Dept
2/12/18 Jim Heys Neural representations of time and space underlying episodic memory Biology Dept
2/15/18 Gul Dolen Social reward learning: basic mechanisms and disease pathogenesis Biology Dept
2/19/18 Bassam Atallah Midbrain dopamine neurons control judgment of time: time flies when you are having fun Biology Dept
2/22/18   No seminar due to grad recruitment  
3/1/18 TBA TBA  
3/8/18 TBA TBA Biology Dept
3/15/18 Bingni Brunton The brain outside the lab: Exploring the neural basis of long-term, naturalistic human behaviors Matt Smear
3/22/18 TBA TBA  


4/5/18 Sarah Siegrist Termination of neurogenesis during development Chris Doe
4/12/18 Ken Miller TBA Yashar Ahmadian
4/19/18 Barry Dickson The neurobiology of Drosophila reproductive behaviour Chris Doe
4/26/18 Bob Datta Using motion sequencing to infer internal from external state Matt Smear
5/3/18 Bita Moghaddam TBA Cris Niell
5/10/18 Alex Kolodkin TBA Aref Zarin
5/17/18 Elinor Sullivan TBA Cris Niell
5/24/18 Brent Doiron TBA Yashar Ahmadian
5/31/18 Adam Hantman TBA Matt Smear
6/7/18 Barry Connors TBA Adam Miller
6/14/17 Jennifer Raymond TBA Angie Michaiel

Fall 2018

9/27/18 TBA TBA TBA
10/4/18 TBA TBA TBA
10/11/18 TBA TBA TBA
10/18/18 TBA TBA TBA
10/25/18 TBA TBA TBA
11/1/18 TBA TBA TBA
11/8/18 TBA TBA TBA
11/15/18 TBA TBA TBA
11/29/18 TBA TBA TBA
12/6/18 TBA TBA TBA