ION Seminar Series

ION seminars are held in Room 123 Pacific Hall at 4:00 p.m. on Thursdays unless otherwise specified. A reception precedes the seminar at 3:30 pm near the base of the stairs on the north side.

Contact Vickie Braga for scheduling speakers.


Fall 2018

9/27/18 Ellen Hoffman Investigating Convergent Pathways in Zebrafish Models of Autism Risk Genes Sarah Stednitz
10/4/18 Ian Greenhouse Widening the spotlight on motor system inhibition in humans Adam Miller & David McCormick
10/8/18 Ulises Pereira 317 Huestis, Atractor dynamics in networks with learning rules inferred from in vivo data Luca Mazzucato
10/11/18 Jeff Donlea Recurrent Circuitry for Balancing Sleep Need and Sleep in Drosophila Syed Mubarak
10/18/18 Marlene Behrmann A broader vision of vision Angie Michaiel
10/25/18 Cecilia Moens What Happens in Vagus: Spatio-temporal mechanisms of topographic map formation Chuck Kimmel
11/1/18 Leopoldo Petreanu Shining light on hierarchical cortical interactions in the mouse visual cortex Matt Smear
11/8/18 Brice Bathellier Competition between a fast and a slow pathway in auditory discrimination Santiago Jaramillo
11/15/18 Caitlin Tenison Phases of learning: How skill acquisition impacts cognitive processing Cris Niell & Mike Posner
11/29/18 Adam Miller  TBA Adam Miller 
12/6/18 Nicola Grissom Let me try that again: learning and decision making in mouse models of autism Jen Phillips

Winter 2018 - Faculty Search

1/10/19 Christof Koch Consciousness David McCormick
1/17/19 Merav Stern TBA Luca Mazzucato
1/24/19 Knight Campus Neuro Search TBA TBA
1/31/19 Knight Campus Neuro Search TBA TBA
2/7/19 Knight Campus Neuro Search TBA TBA
2/14/18 Knight Campus Neuro Search TBA TBA
2/21/19 Grad recruitment No seminar No seminar
2/28/19 Manfred Schartl TBA John Postlethwait
3/7/19 Cliff Kentros TBA Adam Unger
3/14/18 Nick Steinmetz TBA Luca Mazzucato
3/21/19 FINALS WEEK    

Spring 2019

4/4/19 Stefano Fusi TBA Luca Mazzucato
4/11/19 Tim Mosca TBA Emily Heckman
4/18/19 Florin Albeanu TBA Matt Smear
4/25/19 Peyman Golshani TBA David McCormick
5/2/19 Elaine Hsiao TBA Judith Eisen & Karen Guillemin
5/9/19 Megan Williams TBA Adam Miller
5/16/19 Andrea Hasenstaub TBA David McCormick
5/23/19 Ellie Heckscher TBA Chris Doe
5/30/19 ION-student-led-symposium TBA Emily Sylwestrak
6/6/19 ION-Studend-led-symposium TBA Emily Sylwestrak
6/13/19 CSN Fest TBA TBA